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The use of forskolin is a natural way to fight depression. Forskoline et ssri. 1 mg/ kg) dose- dependently decreased ratings of immobility, with effects similar to those of amitriptyline treatment.

Doctors prescribe taking a 250mg capsule of forskolin every day. Forskolin helps to step up the levels of Cyclic AMP by activating adenylate cyclase that bypasses membrane receptors.

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Forskolin could improve memory retention and learning in rats exposed to hypoxia. In this study, researchers assessed the ability of forskolin to restore delayed memory function in rats deprived of sufficient oxygen for 40 minutes 3 hours before a learning passive avoidance task.
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The mechanisms of the antidepressant activity of forskolin and a novel water soluble forskolin analog ( NKH477) were studied using the forced swimming method in rats. 1 mg/ kg) and NKH477 ( 0.

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